Tushar Chauhan
Postdoctoral Fellow
CerCo Lab | CNRS

Tushar Chauhan, Postdoctoral Fellow [CV]

I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre de Recherche Cerveau & Cognition (CerCo) in Toulouse, France. I am passionate about mathematics and technology, and fascinated by the human brain – in particular, the visual brain. Consequently, my research revolves around three major axes:

  1. I employ computational modelling and more traditional approaches such as psychophysics to study two key aspects of the human visual system: colour and binocularity. I am interested in how the statistics of our environment influence us at both a neural, and a behavioural level.

  2. I am deeply intrigued by the adaptability of our neural apparatus, and believe that a deeper appreciation of its functioning also necessitates an exploration of its development and evolution. My research in this domain focuses on emergent properties in the early visual system. A key component of my work is the application of my models to the study of clinical disorders.

  3. Advances in bio-inspired technologies such as ‘spiking’ cameras and neuromorphic ICs offer exciting new computational possibilities for machine-learning. My work aims to bring these technologies around full-circle, and leverage them towards the development of neuroscience-centric methodologies which will be useful both in the lab, as well as the clinic.


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My work on binocular vision is carried out with Benoit Cottereau, in close collaboration with Timothée Masquelier on aspects related to STDP neural networks. I also collaborate with Sophie Wuerger and Jasna Martinovic on colour vision.

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